How we work

How we work

First and foremost, we are a team of artists, and we bring an artist’s eye and sensibility to every aspect of our work.

Secondly, we are artisans, and we care deeply about the quality and integrity of everything we do. We are immensely respectful of heritage and tradition, and at the same time excited about innovation and unthought-of possibilities.

We value craftsmanship very highly. The devil may be in the details, but we firmly believe that’s where the angels live too – and the smallest minutiae are given the tenderest forethought and care.

Equally importantly, we focus wholeheartedly on delivery – no amount of art is going to help if a project is overdue or over budget. We are focussed, dedicated, and firmly understand the importance of the bottom line.

An environment is as much about how it feels as how it looks, and our work involves a lot more than just picking colours and varnishes. We work with our clients to understand and realise their vision of what we are collectively trying to achieve with each project, using our extensive skills and unique artistic insight to create the desired atmosphere.

Nothing is ‘just a job’ for us – it is a true collaboration with both clients and constructors, in order to produce a result that not only looks stunning but makes you feel good too – as any artist would in creating a piece of art.

We love our work. We really do enjoy every step of the process, from the first client meeting to the thrill of the final unveiling. We believe our genuine enthusiasm and positivity shines through, and as a result makes us fun to work with too.